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Medicinal mushrooms- what are they and how do they benefit your health?

Updated: Mar 14

For me, autumn has always been the time when I draw my attention more to forest and to mushrooms- searching and picking them, then savouring them in a hearty mushroom soup, just frying mushrooms in a pan with butter, adding them to a shabu-shabu or pickling them for winter months. Over the years I have also discovered a wonderful world of medicinal mushrooms.

What are medicinal mushrooms and how they benefit health?

What are medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are a specific type of fungi that are scientifically proven to have a wide range of health benefits in your body. While there are couple of thousands species of edible mushrooms in our forests, only a few have notable properties that categorise those mushrooms as 'medicinal'.

Best known medicinal mushrooms

Below are the most studied and potent medicinal mushrooms.

Chaga mushroom

Chaga mushrooms are known as 'The Gift from Heaven' by shamans in Siberia and they are growing on birch trees. Chaga has the ability to stimulate the immune response, thanks to its high melanin and betulinic acid content. It’s highly regarded by natural healers and is considered to be one of the most sacred medicinal substances there is.

What is a chaga mushroom and how it benefits health?

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Chaga mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants- all good for heart health and longevity. One cup of Chaga mushrooms equals 0.4kg of carrots when it comes to antioxidants.

Chaga mushrooms help to:

  • reduce inflammation in the body and speed up recovery

  • support health in a stressful times

  • prevent skin, hair, eyes from ageing prematurely

Chaga mushroom can be consumed as a tea where you simply add a teaspoon of Chaga mushroom powder to a cup of boiled water and mix it thoroughly. But you can also add it to your morning coffee.

Cordyceps mushroom

Cordyseps are considered as one of the superheroes in thee fungi world as they really help with many health challenges- energy, appetite, libido, stamina, sleeping.

What is a cordyceps and how it benefits health?

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Cordyceps mushrooms increase endurance and cellular performance, which is why they are great for athletes- they also help to lower recovery times.

  • They promote healthy adrenal glands and help with brain performance

  • Lower LDL cholesterol

  • Protect against premature ageing and illnesses as they neutralise free radicals

Add Cordyseps mushrooms powder to a cup of boiled water to make a nutritious tea or add it to your morning coffee.

Lion's Mane mushroom

Lion's Mane mushrooms have been used several centuries by monks as they help with focus during meditation and improve general health. They also used to increase cognitive abilities and brain function in general.

What is a lion's mane and how it benefits health?

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lion's Mane mushroom:

  • Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Restores damage nerves and improves nerve health

  • Protects stomach lining from damage and lowering your chance of developing stomach ulcers

For consumption, it's best to add lion's mane to soups and stews and also make a cup of mushroom tea following the same principles as with the other medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi mushroom

Reishi mushroom, also known as the mushroom of immortality, is believed to nourish our spiritual essence of being. Reishi was originally used for its anti-aging properties and for its benefits on immune system.

What is a reishi mushroom and how it benefits health?

photo: Pixabay

Reishi mushroom:

  • Eases anxiety, reduces stress and calms the mind

  • Improves your sleep, especially deep-sleep

  • Improves skin appearance and health

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Boosts immune health as is anti-inflammatory

  • Fights allergies and asthma

I drink Reishi tea in the evening before going to sleep, mixing it either into water or almond milk and adding some spices, such as cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, clove, ground ginger. But you can also add it to soups and broths.

Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms, also known as 'Elixir of Life', are used often in Asian cuisine. They are full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

What is shiitake mushroom and how it benefits health?

photo: Pixabay

Shiitake mushroom:

  • Offers protection against inflammation in the body

  • Helps with blood circulation and blood pressure

  • Improves immune response

  • Boosts brain function and overall energy

  • Supports heart health

  • Helps with liver detoxification

You can use Shiitake mushrooms in a wide variety of ways in your kitchen to get the instant umami flavour for your food- in sauces, with scrambled eggs, sautéed vegetables. But of course you can mix it into boiling water for a nice and earthy tea.

Turkey Tail mushroom

Known for being able to combat powerful pathogens, turkey tail has been used to cultivate a strong immune system. Turkey tail is also believed to enhance body's energy, improve bone health, boost digestive health.

What is turkey tail mushroom and how it benefits health?

photo: Pixabay

Turkey Tail mushroom:

  • Decreases your chances of coming down with cold or flu

  • Helps to grow healthy bacteria in your gut

  • Assists in recovery from various types of cancers, such as breast cancer

As with the other medicinal mushrooms, mix turkey tail with boiling water and enjoy as a tea.

When to consume what medicinal mushroom for increased benefit for the body?

Morning: take Lion's Mane or Chaga

Afternoon: take Cordyceps for a boost in energy

Evening: Reishi and Turkey Tail to calm the mind and the body

Majority of the mushrooms are not meant to be eaten raw as us people don't have the enzymes necessary to digest them, so it's best if you fry them in a pan or cook them in a soup.

Medicinal mushrooms are sold in powder, tincture or supplement form. Powders and tinctures are more concentrated, which means you need to use less to get the health benefits.

I you are looking to improve your nutrition, or have any health goals you want to reach, don't hesitate to reach out to me for health and nutrition coaching at


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