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Katrin Peo Health and Nutrition Coaching Services


If you want to know how I can help and support you around your health and nutrition goals book a free 50-minute health history session with me. During the session we would go through your pre-filled health history form (which I will send you to fill in after the booking), so I get a good understanding of your past and current health and nutrition challenges and what are your goals around health and nutrition. At the end of the health history session I will be able to pinpoint areas where I can guide and support you through your health transformation and you can decide whether and how you want to move forward.

Health AND NUTRITION Coaching

I can help to empower and mentor you to take your health, wellness and happiness into your own hands. I can help you to navigate the world of health and nutrition advice to explore and find what truly works for you, what works with your schedule and lifestyle and what is sustainable. 


Contact me if you are:

  • tired of trying out different diets and emotional eating,

  • struggling with your digestion health- constipation, bloating, stomach pains,

  • struggling with brain fog or mental clarity,

  • want healthy looking skin,

  • need more energy,

  • need better sleep,

  • need to feel better in your body


If you want to feel heard when it comes to your health, have specific health goals you want to reach and are looking for coaching and support, don't hesitate to contact me.

Katrin Peo Health and Nutrition Coaching Services


My passion lies with nutrition, human digestive health and its influence on our whole body, including weight, skin, brain, thyroid, joints etc. I will help you to get to know your body better and be its best friend. Health is influenced by different areas of our daily life. I will be able to coach you around the following:

  • Nutrition

  • Health

  • Physical Activity

  • Home Cooking

  • Home Environment

Katrin Peo Health and Nutrition Coaching Areas

Coaching Packages

I offer different packages to suite your specific needs.  If you want to know what does it mean to work with a health and nutrition coach, you can also book just one session with me after I have had a health history session with you and decide a way forward from there.


Change and implementing new healthy habits take time- same as chronic illnesses don't happen overnight, health is not created overnight. If you know you need someone to support and guide you during a longer period of time, then 3 month or 6 month program package might be a better option for you. ​​

  • €45 for 60 minute online or in person session

  • €85 per month for 3 months package (includes 6x45 minutes one-on-one sessions- online or in person)

  • €80 per month for 6 months package (includes 12x45 minutes one-on-one sessions- online or in person)

What can you expect during the coaching?

  • We would cover together your health and nutrition related goals, talk about how to achieve them. You would get a few recommendations from me to try. And you will decide and commit what you do and what is achievable within the coming two weeks.  

  • Simple, healthy and delicious recipes to cook at home and foods to explore to support the health goals

  • Practices, plans, tools and exercises that will help you to make the desired health and lifestyle changes

  • Informative handouts that give guidance and support your goals. Book a free health history session below. 

Katrin Peo Health and Nutrition Coaching Packages



Do you want to provide health and nutrition coaching as a perk for your employees? Or do you want a health and nutrition coach to come and conduct workshops with your employees about healthy nutrition, health promoting habits?  Employees who know how to support their health in different ways, who are encouraged and engaged with healthy lifestyles, are happier, more productive and of course less sick. Contact me so we can discuss how I can help and support your employees around healthy habits and better nutrition. 

Katrin Peo Health and Nutrition Services for Corporates
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