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I am passionate about health, healthy living, nutrition, food, essential oils and anything natural or related to nature. I love to cook, love to eat and love to explore the colourful world of food to discover new ways to eat and to maximise nutrition for health.

My passion for everything that affects human health started in 2016 due to my own unfortunate health challenges and I chose a journey to find my own wellness- my own equilibrium. I have been self-studying nutrition, functional medicine, mind body medicine and have really discovered my passion in those areas. I have found my desire to learn continuously more about health through many inspiring health experts, professionals, health advocates, like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. David Jockers, Dr. Justin Marchegiani, Cynthia Thurlow, Josh Gitalis, Meghan Telpner, Dr. Mariza Snyder, Dhru Purohit, Max Lugavere, Dr. Stephanie Estima, Dr. Will Cole, Shawn Stevenson, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Kelly LeVeque, Jessica Sepel, Sarah Wilson, Julie Daniluk, JJ Virgin, Dr. Steven Gundry, Dave Asprey, Erin Kenney, Chris Kesser, Dr. Libby Weaver, Chris Motley and the list goes on. Through their knowledge I have managed to heal myself from severe symptoms of Lyme disease, been able to support myself through the recovery from a brain surgery and be able to be much more in tune with my body and what it needs.  


In September 2021 I enrolled into Institute for Integrative Nutrition school which I graduated in September 2022 as an integrative nutrition health coach. I have been practicing health coaching since December 2021 and feel truly happy to have been able to help people to discover and reach healthier versions of themselves through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

I was born and raised in Estonia, but from the age of 17 I have travelled a a lot and have had a chance to work and live in countries like South Africa, Namibia, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, US and Australia.


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I am married to one fantastic man, who is my knight, my true life companion. We have two beautiful, sporty and smart children and our latest addition to our family was in 2020 our Staffordshire Bullterrier (aka lioness) Nala, who has been touching many souls she has met with her loving positive character. 


I love physical activity especially being outdoors in the nature, including rollerblading, cycling, swimming, weight-training, yoga and an occasional round of golf. I also love to spend time, listening to podcasts and reading during the evening hours, or when I am travelling. 


For me health is a vehicle and wellness is a lifestyle, an on-going never-ending process. It does require continuous curiosity to gain deeper inner wisdom to be able to serve ourselves better.

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