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Dry-brushing- the daily habit to increase energy and reduce toxicity in your body

Updated: Mar 14

Dry-brushing is something I had for the first time done to me now some years ago in a spa in Estonia. The therapist brushed through the whole body and then brushed chocolate mask allover me. I truly enjoyed the whole treatment and it left me feeling energised yet calm and with a soft and youthful skin. Dry-brushing has now turned into my daily 3 minute morning habit.

What is dry-brushing, why to do it and how to do it?

Why dry-brushing is good for your health?

It stimulates the lymphatic system

As you know we have a lymphatic system (a network of delicate tubes) running throughout our body. Its main role is to manage fluid levels in your body, deal with cancel cells and other cells that could result in a disease, react to bacteria and absorb some of the fats in your diet from the intestine. In summary, lymphatic system role is to remove toxins from your body and prevent you from getting sick.

If your skin has too many dead skin cells or toxins, it may not be able to eliminate waste from the body that easily. So one of the ways you can keep your lymphatic system working properly, is to practice dry-brushing. If your skin is healthy, it's easier for the body to release toxins.

Removes dead skin

When you are young, your skin renews itself. When you get older, it's good to support the process of removing the dead skin to have a healthier skin and fresher appearance. As skin is our largest organ, it's also one of the main area where we excrete toxins.

Reduces cellulite on your body

Dry-brushing helps to stimulate the cells underneath the skin and break down toxins. As you know cellulite is often caused by the fluid retention, lack of circulation in addition to increased body fat and by any hormonal imbalances. So brushing the skin will help to get the fluids moving.

Unclogs clogged pores

Your pores on your skin can get clogged fro all the different cosmetics, dead skin cells and pollutants from the air. Dry brushing will help to unclog the pores, so your skin can absorb more nutrients and is able to release the toxins more easily.

Relives stress and rejuvenates nervous system

As from my own experience, having the dry-brushing done on the body, it truly helps with lowering stress or any anxiety you might have.

How to do dry-brushing?

  1. First of all get yourself a natural bristle brush (don't use anything synthetic). If you have the brush with a long handle, that will help you reach all areas on your body.

  2. Take off clothes and stand in the shower or in the bath so you won't dirty floors with dead dry falling skin.

  3. Always start at the bottom of your feet and move with soft motions towards your heart. Go over the whole body dry-brushing towards your heart. But don't also overdo it and press too hard so you don't end up damaging your skin. Be extra gentle on the sensitive areas of your body.

  4. Shower after dry-brushing.

  5. Wash your dry-brush regularly as well to remove any dead skin or essential oils if you use them (read below).

If you want, you can also use essential oils when dry-brushing. Add a drop or two of the preferred essential oil on the brush before dry-brushing. Below are some suggestions, depending what you want to achieve.

  • To support detox- melaleuca, lemon (with lemon, since it's photo-toxic, avoid sun-exposure 12-24h after using it on skin)

  • For extra energy- cedar-wood, black pepper

  • For stress and calmness- lavender, patchouli, wild orange

  • For tones skin- rosemary, cypress, grapefruit (same as with lemon, avoid sun-exposure)

  • You can also add a drop

I hope that dry-brushing ends up on your daily self-care activity list, giving you that extra me time and time to care for your body. If you haven't tried tongue-scraping and oil pulling yet to improve your oral health, it's definitely worth trying it. Read more here about tongue scraping and oil pulling.

If you want to explore more how you can support your health with good health habits or how to improve your nutrition, reach out to me for health and nutrition coaching at


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