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Salad Soup- create your own super bowl

Updated: Mar 27

The ones who are living in Estonia are probably wondering, when on earth is the warmth coming. We are in the middle on May, there is sunshine, but we have +8C to +14C outside. I am still wearing my winter clothes, just have been removing layers underneath the jacket. And I have been looking forward starting to experiment with more salads, but for some reason I am struggling to put the cold food into my body, when it's still chilly outside. So this week I have been experimenting salad soups.

It's simply putting together ingredients that I would normally put into my salad and then boil some broth, boil a few vegetables in that broth, that require boiling for better digestion and finally pour the broth together with boiled vegetables on top of the salad ingredients. If you are someone who has digestive problems then raw salads might not be the best option for you. And a salad soup might just be the quick, easy, nutritious meal you need to give that warm and caring feeling to your stomach.

Salad soup recipe

I have made this week 3 different types of salad soups and share with you how I put together one of them (you can very easily remove or add ingredients). I just wanted to create myself a true super bowl of goodness and went all in.

Salad Soup- create your own super bowl


  • Peeled and chopped carrot

  • Chopped asparagus

  • Halved Brussel sprouts

  • Bone broth (chicken, beef, fish or vegetable depending what salad soup you want to create)

  • Baby spinach leaves

  • Arugula leaves

  • Chopped Paprika

  • Pitted olives

  • Salmon (I did not have fresh salmon at home, so I used canned salmon in brine)

  • Squeeze of lemon juice

  • 1 tbsp of sauerkraut

  • 1 tbsp of kimchi

  • 1 tsp of umeboshi plum paste

  • 1 tsp of tahini

  • Sprouts (I used my own alfalfa and radish sprouts from my last sprouting)

  • Chopped parsley and cilantro

  • Sesame seeds

  • Seaweed flakes


See the above ingredients as an inspiration. Don't worry if you don't have some of the condiments.

Put the bone broth to boil. Add in there chopped carrots, Brussel sprouts and asparagus. Boil for 3-5 minutes.

Meantime put spinach, arugula, chopped paprika, olives, fish to the soup bowl. Add on top sauerkraut, kimchi, umeboshi plum paste, tahini and lemon juice.

Pour the hot broth together with carrots, asparagus and Brussel sprouts on top of the salad ingredients. Sprinkle on top some sprouts, parsley, cilantro and sesame seeds. I also topped the salad soup with some seaweed flakes to add additional vitamins and minerals to my meal.

A quick, easy, delicious, healthy and warming meal for our chilly windy spring days.

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