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Katrin Peo- Health and Nutrition Coach


When we have good health, we have many dreams and goals we want to achieve. When we are unwell, we have often only one dream- to get well, to feel good in our own bodies, so we can show up at our best every single day. 


I can help and coach you to achieve your goals, what is important to you around your health- whether it's to improve nutrition, loose weight, improve sleep, manage stress better etc. My area of passion is human gut, liver and overall digestive health- the impact these have to our whole body, including brain health, skin health, thyroid health, joints, weight etc. If you would like to understand whether and how I can support you, book a first free 50 minute health history session with me. Read more about what happens during the health history session and about my coaching areas under my Services.

What do my clients say?

32 years old female, Estonia

Working with Katrin has been an incredible journey for me, arriving at just the right moment in my life. Combined with my work in mental health, this partnership provided the perfect synergy, enabling me to refresh my knowledge about a healthy balanced diet and strengthen my fundamental understanding. Through this experience, I've been able to develop healthier eating habits that I believe will stay with me for the long term. Learning to eat intuitively and listen to what my body needs has been a significant achievement, and I owe much of this progress to Katrin's guidance and support. Katrin's individualised approach was instrumental in helping me understand the right dietary approach for my specific needs. Her personalised guidance and assistance were invaluable, leading to significant improvements in my overall health and well-being. I am incredibly grateful for Katrin's expertise and support throughout this journey, and I look forward to continuing to implement what I've learned to further improve my health and well-being.


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