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When we have great health, we have many dreams and goals we want to achieve. When we are unwell, we have often only one dream- to get well, to feel good in our own bodies, so we can show up at our best every single day. 


I can help and coach you to achieve your goals, what is important to you around your health. My area of passion is human gut, liver and overall digestion- the impact these have to our whole body, including brain health, skin health, thyroid health, joints, weight etc. If you would like to understand whether and how I can support you, book a free health history session with me. Read more under Services.

50 Min

 I'm 55 years old and I live in Sintra, Portugal.
From an early age, I had problems with my digestive system, namely bloating and constipation, harming my general well-being.
I tried several approaches before with not-so-satisfactory results. I felt better for one or two days and then struggled again with the same issues.
I started my health coaching with Katrin in December 2021. With Katrin's guidance during the months, I feel an excellent improvement in these areas. I love food, from cooking to eating and sharing. I have an active lifestyle, which can make it difficult to discover what is right for me. Katrin's approach considers my preferences and my busy schedule, which makes it easy and enjoyable to follow her suggestions and keep them part of my routine.
Thanks Katrin for your care and for the huge improvements in my health!

Anabela Paulo, Portugal

After two children in a row and routinely having poor quality sleep for almost four years, it made me crave sweets every day and in large quantities. I have always loved sweets, but constant sleepless nights made me devour larger and larger quantities. In fact, I had felt for a long time that it was making me feel worse and worse. I met an old acquaintance, Katrin, at the right time and place. My wrong lifestyle had created havoc in my stomach microflora and I experienced stomach pains on a daily basis, so help was really critical for me. I couldn't get out of my addiction to sweets and eating the wrong foods by myself. There was no energy. I got exactly the kind of support I needed from Katrin. Every session broadened my horizons, so many interesting facts, recipes and information about our body. I am extremely grateful that Katrin and I initially got to talk about health by chance. Today, my way of eating has changed significantly. I think about food in a completely different way and more consciously. I temporarily gave up gluten and don't feel the need to bring it back into my diet. I can say no to sweets, which is the biggest achievement for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Katrin!

Stänli Volmerson, Estonia

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